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514 is a common nickname for the city of Montreal given that its phone area code is 514

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Montreal Tech Watch

Small Businness: Canada

Adafruit Industries

Cardboard construction kits for robots, electronics, gaming, AI, and more

18 February 2018, 1:58 pm

Back in 2005 when it was peak-Apple-iPods, I was working with an advertising agency and we we were putting a custom/modded firmware on the iPods. This was back when things like that were more possible. I had a 100+ iPod boxes, empty, and wanted to do something with them. So I made a little robots, […]

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Microorganisms Size Comparison

18 February 2018, 6:00 am

This video from MetaBallStudios on YouTube takes a journey from the Rinovirus (30 Nano Meters) to a frog egg (1 milimeter). Its incredible how vast the universe is when you get down small! Comparison of some smaller microorganisms up to 1mm -Music: Armchair Stellar Crossing – Puddle of Infinity -Sources: http://biology-resource-package-11c.w……… Learn more! […]

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